Freestanding / Pole Mounted

Freestanding / Pole Mounted

Unlike traditional container mounted shelters, free-standing shelters can be positioned at any desired location without being restricted to container placement. Mounting your shelter on posts opens up the space around the shelter, allowing for improved air circulation and natural lighting. These can create fantastic covered areas for animals and stock to escape sun, snow and rain.

Advantages of Post Mounted Shelters

  • Entrances on both the sides and ends of the shelter maximise storage space and access.
  • Compact - being post-mounted, the overall footprint is smaller than that of container mounted shelters.
  • Cost - Containers can be expensive.
  • Temperature - Post mounted shelters provide shaded work areas with natural air flow.​
ShelterPro Pole shelter

Post mounting your shelter creates a simple and cost effective mounting option.

Perfect for Vehicle or machinery storage, or for creating an agricultural shelter for keeping animals and stock out of snow, sun and rain.

The uses for pole/post mounted shelters are far reaching but are great options for farmers looking to create cost effective, versatile shelters for livestock and farm materials or for creating effective asset storage for Vehicles, Boats, RVs and Planes.

  • ​Live stock shelters for horses, goats, cattle and sheep and pigs
  • Covered feed pads
  • Calf rearing shelters
  • Hay sheds
  • Boat storage
  • RV storage
  • Hangar storage
ShelterPro Container Shelter

Steel poles can be utilised depending on your mounting location.

These can either be used to create free standing shelters or on one side of a container mounted shelter. Contact us to discuss your individual shelter needs. We have engineers that can help with producing steel poles and fixings required for your individual shelter requirements.

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