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ShelterPro's collection of container shelters and accessories caters to a wide range of industries in NZ. Our shelters serve various purposes, from providing secure warehousing space for products and inventory to safeguarding assets on construction sites. Whether you're in contracting, dealing with aggregate and material, or managing farm supplies, our shelters offer convenient, dry, and secure storage solutions. Additionally, they are ideal for trades and services, providing a covered workshop without the need for a permanent structure. With easy installation and portability, our shelters also serve as additional storage space for sheds or garages. Furthermore, they offer reliable vehicle coverage, protecting boats, campervans, cars, and other vehicles from the elements. Whatever your storage needs, ShelterPro has you covered with durable and versatile shelter options.

Create a cost-effective, relocatable, and secure space to protect your assets. Hard-wearing and easily adaptable to suit all industries and applications.


Easily extendable secure warehousing space for product and inventory.


Protect your assets by creating secure dry space for staff and gear.

Aggregate & Material

Easy to install, high clearance covered storage for aggregate and material yards & quarries.


Secure, relocatable storage for construction, forestry and work site tools & equipment.

Farm Supplies

Convenient, dry and secure storage for farm equipment, hay and live stock feed.

Trades & Services

Ideal for creating a covered and secure workshop without building a permanent structure.  

Additional Storage

Add extra storage space to your shed or garage with easy to install and portable secure shelters.

Vehicle Coverage

Protect your vehicles from the elements with undercover storage for boats, campervans, cars and other vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of container shelters are available from ShelterPro?
ShelterPro offers a variety of sizes, including options suitable for 6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m containers, providing versatile solutions to accommodate different storage needs.
What industries can benefit from ShelterPro's container shelters?
ShelterPro's container shelters cater to a wide range of industries, including warehousing, contracting, construction, farming, trades, services, and more, providing secure storage solutions for various applications.
How can I reach out to ask about installation and your products?
Call us on our number and we’ll help you get started with whatever containers or solutions you need for your industry.
Do ShelterPro container shelters meet safety standards?
Yes, all ShelterPro container shelters are engineered to comply with relevant safety standards, ensuring durability and reliability, even in challenging conditions.
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