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Frequently asked questions

What are our container shelters used for?

Container shelters can be used for just about any purpose that requires overhead shelter. Our container shelters are great for creating a cost effective, temporary or permanent workshop, work site shelter, vehicle or general storage, for home, work, or farm equipment. Any time you need shelter, our container shelters can be installed quickly, perform well, and can be relocated if required.

Why do our shelters use shipping containers for mounting?

Shipping containers are solid, heavy structures that are both relocatable, and reliably sourced, at an affordable price. Shipping containers also offer ideal clearance for most applications. Perfect to mount your ShelterPro shelter on. Although other shelter mounting options are available, like pole, concrete block, and wall mounted, shipping containers are the most popular and straightforward mounting option. Containers also offer the added benefit of providing lockable storage to your shelter setup.

What size container shelters do you offer?

ShelterPro carry a range of 12 different container shelters in stock. Designed for both 20ft and 40ft containers, our container shelters are offered in 6m, 2 different 8m configurations, low profile and high sided, 10m, 12m, and 14m widths. These offer a range of shelter solutions for all requirements. All of our shelters are modular, meaning you can create any shelter length you may require by adding multiple shelters together.

What foundations are required?

One of the great things about your ShelterPro container shelter is, all you need to do is make sure your site is level and compacted. To keep the containers in place, you can choose to use ballast in the shipping containers or concrete footings to anchor them, or a combination of the two - its up to you.

Can I hire a ShelterPro container shelter package?

Yes, we offer hire options for container and shelter packages. Contact us to discuss your container shelter hire requirements.

Do you sell containers with shelters?

Yes, we can offer container and shelter packages for purchase. Contact us to discuss your container shelter package requirements.

What warranty do I get with my container shelter?

We offer 2 ranges of ShelterPro container shelters. Our standard range comes with a 5 year structural warranty where as our HD, heavy duty range comes with a 10 year structural warranty. Our warranty includes the container shelter frame and main shelter cover, but does not include free back walls or ropes. Shelters are required to be installed as per the supplied installation instructions.

What are our container shelters made from?

All ShelterPro container shelters are built using super strong, hot dipped galvanised, rolled Q235 structural steel, our heavy duty frames are matched with quality hard-wearing, UV stabilised, fire retardant 610gsm PVC covers.

Do our shelters fit all containers?

Yes, ShelterPro container shelters are designed to fit both GP (general purpose) and HC (high cube) shipping containers.

Can you add a front wall to our shelters?

Yes, we carry both full and half front wall options in stock for all ShelterPro container shelters.All of our full front wall options have a lift up door and enable you to fully enclose your ShelterPro container shelter. Our half wall options enclose the arch of the shelter to help keep rain out, but still allow for vehicle access, as long as they are under the height of the container.

How strong are our container shelters?

ShelterPro container shelters are designed and built to withstand significant weather and wind, but this is determined by how well your containers and shelter have been anchored. Ballast weight within the containers, or concrete footings are our recommendations. All of our container shelter frames are built using super strong, hot dipped galvanised Q235 structural steel. Our covers are made using heavy duty 610gsm PVC, the fabric is UV stabilised and waterproof. making sure your shelter cover remains well tensioned onto the frame will ensure a longer life. Loose covers must be re-tensioned or damage can occur in windy conditions.

How can I take delivery of my ShelterPro container shelter?

You can either purchase your container shelter online via our online shop, or email us at and ask for an invoice for payment. Provide us with your desired shipping address and we will respond with a fixed shipping quote. Once payment has been received we will arrange for your new container shelter to be shipped out to you immediately, or else we offer free pickup from our Tauranga warehouse.

Common Installation Options

Container Mounted

The most common and straightforward mounting option for any of the products in our shelter range. Shipping containers create a sturdy foundation for all applications, while still offering mobility and affordability.

Providing ample clearance for most industries, the ability to have internal opening doors also helps to create more secure dry space and easy access to gear.

Freestanding / Pole Mounted

Free-standing or pole mounted shelters open up the space around the shelter, allowing for improved air circulation and natural lighting. By removing the need for shipping containers, the overall footprint is reduced while still retaining the same covered dry space.

These can create fantastic covered areas for animals and stock to escape the elements and can be positioned at any desired location without being restricted to container placement.

Wall / Block Mounted

This approach is widely favoured by landscaping supply companies, quarries and aggregate yards for quickly establishing durable and affordable storage spaces.

By securely bolting or affixing the shelters directly on top of concrete blocks or walls, you can create customised storage bunkers, suitable for storing different types of loose aggregate or materials.

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