ShelterPro Container Shelters are specifically designed to accommodate a diverse range of applications.

Common Installation Options

Container Mounted

The most common and straightforward mounting option for any of the products in our shelter range. Shipping containers create a sturdy foundation for all applications, while still offering mobility and affordability.

Providing ample clearance for most industries, the ability to have internal opening doors also helps to create more secure dry space and easy access to gear.

Freestanding / Pole Mounted

Free-standing or pole mounted shelters open up the space around the shelter, allowing for improved air circulation and natural lighting. By removing the need for shipping containers, the overall footprint is reduced while still retaining the same covered dry space.

These can create fantastic covered areas for animals and stock to escape the elements and can be positioned at any desired location without being restricted to container placement.

Wall / Block Mounted

This approach is widely favoured by landscaping supply companies, quarries and aggregate yards for quickly establishing durable and affordable storage spaces.

By securely bolting or affixing the shelters directly on top of concrete blocks or walls, you can create customised storage bunkers, suitable for storing different types of loose aggregate or materials.


Easily extendable secure warehousing space for product and inventory.


Protect your assets by creating secure dry space for staff and gear.

Aggregate & Material

Easy to install, high clearance covered storage for aggregate and material yards & quarries.


Secure, relocatable storage for construction, forestry and work site tools & equipment.

Farm Supplies

Convenient, dry and secure storage for farm equipment, hay and live stock feed.

Trades & Services

Ideal for creating a covered and secure workshop without building a permanent structure.  

Additional Storage

Add extra storage space to your shed or garage with easy to install and portable secure shelters.

Vehicle Coverage

Protect your vehicles from the elements with undercover storage for boats, campervans, cars and other vehicles.

May 23, 2024

How to Make the Most of Your Storage Container Shelter

May 23, 2024

Block / Wall Mounted

May 23, 2024

Freestanding / Pole Mounted

May 23, 2024

Container Mounted Installation

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